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respiratory nurse interview....PLEASE HELP!


I really need some help i have recently applied for community respiratory nurse job in the uk and shock horror i have an interview! Which is wonderful. However i have no clue what they will ask me at interview. I have only applied for ward base jobs up untill now and am guessing interview questions will be a lot different. Any help anyone could give me i would grately appreciate! Thanks


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Hi! Moved your thread to Nursing in the United Kingdom forum for best chance of member response.

Best wishes with your interview.

GrumpyRN, NP

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I would think that a community respiratory nurse is a fairly specialised post, if you really have no idea about this should you be going for the job?

I am assuming you have some background to enable you to apply - and the fact they are going to interview you - so relax and make sure you know your stuff before attending.