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The practice where I am currently employed. (I started July 2013) Is under investigation for Medicaid fraud, and narcotic over prescribing. Since I started working there I have had my car broken into. I have had patients approach me in the parking lot and alley wanting drugs, we have had an MA stealing scripts and forging, and diverting, and this week I the facility was shut down for a day due to a search warrant. I was taken from a patient room by the SWAT team. I want to resign without notice and think I have sufficient cause. However, I signed a contract that outlines a 3 month notice for resignation. Does anyone have experience with such a situation.



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I would get out of there now. As for the contract, i would seek legal advice through an appropriate law office. I'm not familiar with this type of work environment but I would think that being removed by a swat team is not part of the normal day to day functions.


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We can't advise you on this. Please contact a lawyer.

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