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Resident Assistant while in Nursing School

by Spencer Olds Spencer Olds (New) New

Has anyone had any experience being a Resident Assistant while in Nursing School? How busy were you? Would you do it again?

So I'm currently a senior in my second year of RAing. Every school is probably different in terms of you RA responsibilities but for me I would definitely say I was busy but was not overwhelmed. When deciding whether or not to do it again I decided that the pros out weighed the cons in terms of having the experience crisis response, critical thinking and active listening (plus I thought it was pretty fun). You definitely need to make sure you keep a calendar. 

RatchedAfterMidnight, MSN, APRN

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Now it’s been 10 years but I have zero regrets about being an RA while in school. I used desk duty as dedicated study time. Meetings are an hour or less every week to two weeks? It was the lowest stress job I ever had, fun actually.