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Residency Program or Jumpstart Critical Care??


Hey guys I’m a BSN student graduating this semester and I’m torn between job offers. I would like to end up as a critical care nurse at a well-known “great place to work” hospital. My job offers as of now include a med/surg general/neuro residency program at Piedmont and CCU at a smaller regional hospital near my college with no residency program.

I’m torn between a great work environment and support from Piedmont’s residency versus jumpstarting my career in critical care. Piedmont said I could apply for other units after one year. However, I don’t know how easy it is to advance from med/surg to ICU. I’m afraid a residency might look better for future jobs than jumpstarting critical care. I’ve heard a residency will make me a better nurse in the end. However if I started CCU I would be able to advance quicker as I can become certified and possibly work as a clinical instructor for my college as well. What is the best way to go?? HELPPP


Has 3 years experience.

I would recommend CCU. During that one year in Piedmont, you could spend it in CCU and learn skills and be comfortable with it.