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Research vs clinical experience

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Hi All,

I just graduated with my MPH and plan to apply to accelerated MSN programs as soon as I finish my pre-reqs. I have research experience as a research assistant in public health and currently I am a research specialist working full time managing clinical trials at my university's School of Nursing (I've only had this job for 2 months and my contract is 1 year). While I do interact with participants, I would not say this can count as clinical experience. So far, I have none and was planning on volunteering at a local clinic. However, as I was researching volunteer opportunities I came across a job opening as a health care specialist which would give me a lot of introductory clinical experience. While I think working as a research specialist is wonderful for developing management skills, I'm wondering how useful it will be for my future career as a nurse practitioner. I don't want to quit my job now but if it is better in the long run to get that clinical experience then it is an option I am wiling to consider. Please let me know which is more valuable-- management-level research experience or beginning level clinical experience? Thank you!

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