psych/neuro research, does anyone here do it?

  1. I'm curious if anyone here does research mostly with psychiatric/behavioral health issues, or even neurology? If so, what kinds of research do you do - anything beyond drug studies? Feel free to add, also, how you got into your job!

    As an addendum: despite my background (L&D and case management for pregnant women), mental health is the area I'm most interested in, and I think - no, I know - I'd like research more than floor nursing. I'd enjoy the "administrative" aspect of it (I like paperwork, organization, I'm very detail-oriented, etc. etc.). My concern is that without experience in psych, I'm much less likely to find a research position in this area. (As it stands now, I've applied for half a dozen various research nurse and CRC positions and have been declined, but I'm still trying!)
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