Oncology Research Nurse Job Offer

  1. I have been out of nursing school for almost 2 years, just got offered a position as an Oncology Research RN (no experience oncology floor experience,will train).

    However, I do have experience from a pt perspective with a family member that went thru cancer research trials so maybe that's what got me in.

    ? is, this facility has running right now 48 clinical trials ranging from breast, head&neck, lung, leukemia, prostate. I'm curious if this is an unbelievable load of work or is feasible? I am feeling quite uncertain about what the actual role will be - if it's clinical, or all paperwork etc. If anyone wouldn't mind replying or pm'ing me about their job particularly if it's in oncology, I would greatly appreciate as I am clearly clueless.

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   anc33
    48 trials sound like a lot. However, you have to consider how many subjects are enrolled in each. You may be dealing with low numbers in actuality. You will find that pharma is getting pretty strict with inclusion/exclusion criteria so it may be difficult to find subjects for all of your protocols.

    When do you actually start in the position? You will have a lot to learn if you haven't been in research before, but it will be exciting. Let us know how it goes.