Need to know new pediatric research topic for my Ph.d

  1. Hi friends can anyone suggest or help me to find new intervention topics held in pediatric ICU or child with asthma or cardiac, cleft palate surgeries
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  3. by   cayenne06
    Can you find a pedi m&m to attend for inspiration? I always leave M&M fired up with big ideas for change lol.

    Do you work in peds now?
  4. by   elkpark
    Do people get accepted into nursing PhD programs these days without already having some research ideas? What's the world coming to??
  5. by   llg
    For what purpose do you need this topic? Is it for your PhD dissertation? Are you just applying to your PhD program or have you already been taking classes? Ideally, a person enters a PhD program with a general area of interest and then uses the early coursework of the program to learn more about that topic and refine a particular research question ... which they then use as a starting point for their dissertation.

    Where are you in that process?
  6. by   magnolia nurse
    Yes they do, or their topics change... I started with one idea and due to different circumstances my topic changed.