need help with creating sampling plan

  1. hi.

    Im doing a research project on the implementation of huddles and its effect on decreasing patient injury and increasing nurses' perception of teamwork.

    What time of sampling plan would I create if I wanted to research shift huddles on a particular unit?

    Any inclusion/exclusion criteria to create?

    I figure, my sample plan may be a convenience plan of all the RNs on the unit? what else would I need to look at?

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  3. by   Rob72
    Hmmm. You have two, possibly disparate endpoints- patient safety and staff satisfaction.

    IMO, to be effective, you would really need to "mandate" that all appropriate staff members would respond, within a set time frame, to a huddle request. I.e., you won't have validity if only those who feel the huddle will help them show up. You will also have trouble if there is no reciprocity.

    • all able-bodied staff
    • not directly involved in sterile-field procedure/isolation/whatvever the most time consuming protocol is for your unit
    • available within 5 minutes of "huddle call"
    • medical disability/restriction
    • high-acuity patient (as noted by charge nurse, i.e., Jim will not be available for huddle as 103 is going to the unit...)