LPN working in Clinical Research while pursuing RN

  1. I'm a new grad LPN, have been working for a short time in LTC and am finding LTC is not for me. I enjoy the work, but find I'm not able to care for the patients the way I'd like to. I have a B.A. in a non-nursing field and plan on working on my RN/BSN as soon as I can, but also need to work in the meantime.

    Therefore, I'm thinking of going into Clinical Research while I'm taking classes to work on my RN. I'm just curious to know if going into Clinical Research would be a bad idea as a new grad being that I don't have any clinical experience AND would this be frowned upon once I finish my RN?
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  3. by   desertflower100
    You could become a clinical research coordinator without an RN. Gateway Community COllege has an online program.