Interview (Please Help)

  1. [font=times]hello, i am currently in a rn-bsn program and for one of my assignments i have to conduct two different interviews from either a nurse educator, nurse administrator, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse researcher, or staff nurse with a bsn, or msn. it's only 8 quick questions. here are the questions: tia!!
    1. how would you describe your role in your current position and your educational preparation for this role?

    2. how would you explain the unique contributions you as a nurse bring to an interdisciplinary team?

    3. how would you describe the unique role of your specialty in promoting quality outcomes for patients?

    4. how has nursing research improved or changed a particular aspect of patient care in your specialty area?

    5. how do you facilitate patient-centered care in your practice?

    6. how is cost containment addressed in your specialty area?

    7. how has your specialty area addressed the needs of underserved patients and populations?

    8. how does information technology apply to your specialty area?

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