In a bind trying to come up with a mock proposal

  1. Hi everyone. I'm in a bind trying to come up with a mock proposal related to childhood obesity. Any suggestions of what I should focus on? I think once I can think of what the purpose of my study should be about, putting the design should be easier afterwards...
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  3. by   llg
    The way to answer this question is for you to do some reading on the topic. Begin your lit review on childhood obesity. Browse lots of sources. See what research has already been done -- what we already know & what we don't know. Also see if you can find some good research tools and/or strategies to use in a study. For example, you might find that there is a great questionnaire that has been used to measure attitudes ... or a great idea about helping kids to get more exercise, etc. You might figure out that using that tool or strategy is something you could do.

    Think about possibilities as you review the literature. What are some possible questions? What are some tools and strategies you could use? Your research question and plan should emerge out of that thinking. And by the time you have your question, you'll already have a lot of your lit review done and your methodology, strategies, and tools already identified!