Frustrated!! Or am I being too picky?

  1. Hello all,
    I am very interested in research, in fact I received my masters in public health last year. The problem is, I don't have research experience, although I have been an RN since 2000. The other problem is, I would really love for it to be something related to neonatal research, since that's where my experience and interest is. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should do besides going online and writing to every hospital in the area (b/c I've done that). Are there places for neonatal research in the pharm arena? Thanks! I am just getting so frustrated! T.
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    Hello again,
    I am going on some interviews and was also wondering; what are some questions I should be asking? What is a fair salary requirement; considering I also have my masters and this is the Northeast? Are some jobs "better" in terms of protocols etc. versus being pigeonholed into basically being a glorified secretary?
    Does this make it easier to transition to pharm if I am so inclined later on?

    Any thoughts on hospital research nurses would be welcome! Thanks!