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  1. Hello everyone

    I have an assignment that I kind of need help with. I have to present a topic to my class about reducing costs on a clinical research unit. I have to identify common errors/habits by nurses in research and come up with ways to minimize these problems. I am having a hard time finding literature to support my topic. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Sharoma 55
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  3. by   Fonenurse
    Hello Sharoma 55

    I don't think it is the research unit per se, but the principles of finding areas in any unit where cost savings can be made...

    I have had a quick look on Medline, and not found anything of specific help.

    I would look at the patient journey and see where you feel costs could be saved - things like bulk purchasing, review of documentation processes, costing into trials so that each trial is financed to pay for all costs incurred, that sort of thing.

    Best wishes