Anyone doing Vaccine studies???

  1. Hey there..I haven't posted in a LONG while.. I am currently expecting our third child and work has been busy!

    I have been in the field of Peds Infectious Disease and have been working mainly with HIV-exposed children. However, this past summer I was reassigned to take on a large, "well-child" vaccine study. I am coordinating a pnumococcal/meningococcal vaccine for infants. It is a Phase III..

    Anyway, I was just looking for someone to commiserate with..I feel so much pressure with this type of study. It's very demanding and getting the patients to come in is a never-ending battle. Any co-complainers? LOL

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  3. by   nursejamie76
    Hello I work for a family practice doc and he is involved with N touch Research Study and we recently did a vaccine study with the meningitis/thypoid vaccination. I know how you feel about getting patients to come in but this study paid 120.00 so it actually did pretty good. He does all kinds of studies. He recently did a ed study and is currently involoved in and oa study. good luck .................jamie