any clinical research nurses out there?

  1. my background is in surgical nursing with some managerial experience. i'm looking into changing paths and am interested in research nursing. any advise on how to get in? no money for courses right now but would like to get some initial experience first.will recruiters be interested in me? live in massachusetts.
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  3. by   outcomesfirst
    My experience has been that nurse researchers are not recruited. These positions are usually identified through networking or acadamia. Occassionally there will be a local ad - usually this means they have a sponsored trial and are looking for a trial nurse. Talk with your local nurse leaders about your interests and check out local schools. You may need to start as a research assistant (read paycut , but it is a great experience and a foot in). All of the independent nurse researchers I know are PhD or on tract to complete. Also there are several previous posts on this subject that are worth reading. Good luck!
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