Rescheduling meds


Hello nurses, I'm a new nurse and I'm trying to better manage my time. I work med tele and have 5 pts. Can I get some tips on how you reschedule some meds so you're not doing multiple med passes on a patient.

I understand that some meds can't be rescheduled (such as antibiotics, bp meds), but which ones are typically ok to reschedule? Like qday, bid, tid? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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Check your med policy. Usually you can give a med one hour before/ one hour after it is schedule. You may also want to check with pharmacy.


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As a general rule, don't reschedule IV drip meds.

Also, you're not going to want to reschedule cardiac meds, blood pressure meds, antibiotics (especially post-surgical), anti-convulsants, and anticoagulants/anti-platelet meds. Oh yeah, give those psych med on time, too, for your own sake!

Some of the meds timed as "daily" or "QHS", e.g. fish oil, multivitamin, cholecalciferol, or atorvastatin, can be bumped around a little in order to cluster cares.