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Requesting a Nurse's attention


Hello everyone, I need to speak with a nurse regarding their work relationships with biomedical technicians, I have a presentation I have to give using the answers. Is there anyone willing to let me interview them via Private Message? Thank you.

KelRN215, BSN, RN

Specializes in Pedi. Has 10 years experience.

That's a strange assignment. I can honestly say that, when I worked in the hospital, my relationship with biomed was limited to when I called them to say "hey biomed this (thermometer, IV pump, feeding pump) is broken, I tagged it, come get it by the elevator."

Why not go to a facility that hires biomed engineers and ask to speak to a nurse there? You have no way of knowing whether you'll get a nurse here-- we could be the guy next door, that creepy one that never goes to work.