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req experience BEFORE sicu/cvicu?

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Hi guys,

I was browsing some websites http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/job-J0RB7OD3B-l-Rock_Hill-SC-c-Healthcare for ex, that state you must have at least 1 year experience as a RN before working in SICU or CVICU. Are there a lot of SICU/CVICU jobs out there that you can apply for fresh out of nursing school? In addition, would those jobs be difficult to get coming from UF with a 3.5 overall?


Depends on the unit, some do, some don't. It pretty much comes down to skill-mix really. Bigger hospitals have bigger units with more staff and more cushion to ease you into the mix and can support a new graduate. Smaller, community-type hospitals tend not to have that luxury.

GPA doesn't matter. What they want to know is, are you trainable, flexible, get along well with others, take constructive criticism well, are able to put theory into practice, etc....There are some nurses who did really well in school and just couldn't hack it outside of theoretical world, and then there are others that barely scraped by and are outstanding bedside practitioners.

Hope this helps...

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