Removing skin tag--WHERE?

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I took patient into room and noticed his jacket had local casino logo on back. I asked" Do you have any luck down there?. to which he replied" NO, my wife enjoys it more than I do". I left the room to bring the hyfacator to "burn off" the skin tag on the upper, inner aspect of his leg. Upon returning, the Dr. had patient on table with pants down and was proceeding to inject the area. I came in (thinking I would "take the patients mind off of the injection",)said"Does your wife have any luck down there"?To which the Dr looked up with great surprise, and said to me "WHAT DID YOU SAY? The patient and I started to LAUGH SO HARD and the Dr joined in. When we see each other on the street, all they have to do is SMILE and we are reminded of the day he came in for skin tag removal. THank goodness for humor and open minds. TRUE STORY


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:) thats funny

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