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Relocation to PA

Specializes in Med/surg, Geriatrics, Home Health, LTC.

I am relocating to PA, I was looking around in the Butler area, or Pittsburgh suburbs. How is the market for LPNs?

And the avg salary for LPNs? Also good places to work.

Any info is greatly appreciated!!! :nurse:


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Most LPNs in this area work in LTACs, although AKMC (hospital) in Natrona Heights does employ LPNs on some of it's nursing units. You can check West Penn Allegheny Health System (careers, Alle-Kiski Medical Center) for openings.


Specializes in Med/surg, Geriatrics, Home Health, LTC.

Is that in Pittsburgh area? And Thanx!


Has 8 years experience. Specializes in acute care then Home health.

The job market is good right now for LPN's. I'm not sure about the salary because I am a RN. I have seen a bunch of ads for agencies hiring private duty. would you be interested in that? I would recommend finding a job before you commit to a place to live because the pittsburgh traffic can be bad, especially the areas under construction.

CoffeeRTC, BSN, RN

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Tons of LPN jobs in LTC in the areas of PGH. I want to say that they are making around 18 or so ?


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