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Hello all,

My family and I are considering a relocation to Colorado, Larimer County to be exact. I am currently an NICU RN with my RNC. I have nearly 10 yrs experience as an RN 6 of which in the NICU. I am curious as to what this area tends to pay so I have some idea of what Im getting into. Also any pointers on NICU's to look at would be great. Planning a scouting mission in March to get a good feel of the area.

NICU momma

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I left Fort Collins 8 years ago for better job opportunities. In general Larimer county is a fairly choice place to live/work and it can be competitive - be prepared to expand your job search to surrounding locales (cheyenne, greeley, denver). And im not an expert on NICUs but i think the more severe cases are sent to Denver

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