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Relocating to Syracuse NY for neuro med surge position

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Hello all,

I am a Canadian RN and I got an offer for a neurology med surge position in Syracuse NY after working with an international recruiting agency.  I am still waiting for a written offer which should come in a couple of weeks.  I have all my paperwork in order for the most part for my TN visa.  I am going to be employed at Crouse hospital. Right now I have a few questions about the move.

1. What can you tell me about syracuse and Crouse if you worked there? Anything about the culture of the hospital? what should I know about the city itself?

2. What are some good places to live in syracuse? I was hoping to get a place near the hospital downtown is it a good idea? how is the transit system?

3. When should I expect to get my relocation stipend?

4. Finally when do I approach my employer about receiving a green card?

Thank you for your answers.

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