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Relocating to Raleigh, NC

29Nurse 29Nurse (New) New

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Hello all!

I am a new graduate from Iowa, looking to relocate to Raleigh, NC with 2 fellow nursing graduate classmates. We graduated this past May and all 3 have taken and passed the NCLEX-RN and have our licenses in the state of Iowa. We have applied for licensure in North Carolina, and are awaiting our confirmation pending our background check.

We have applied for several new grad jobs at DUKE and UNC. Still haven't heard anything back (started applying 1-2 weeks ago).

[Just wondering if anyone has any advice as to applying for new grad jobs.

-As to what the interview process is like, especially since we will be from out of state.

-What kind's of things we should be doing to set ourselves up for success.

-Where to apply.

-Will we have to fly out for an interview?

-Example of interview questions


Any advice would be helpful!



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