Relocating to Minnesota - Case Management positions


Specializes in Home Health, Case Management. Has 7 years experience.

Hello everyone,

I am planning to relocate to Minneapolis (Lakeville specifically) in Feb/Mar '15 from New Jersey.

I have spent the past yr and a half working as a Telephonic Case Manager for a managed Medicaid provider. I would like to continue to working as a CM with an insurance provider.

My second choice would be to work as a CM for a home health agency. I have a 2+yrs experience working for home health agencies, both as a full-time CM snd Per Diem RN.

Can anyone provide some information on managed care CM positions in the Minneapolis area? Also if you can provide names of reputable certified home health agencies? And what salary range can I expect as a CM either for an insurance provider or a home health agency? What is the FFS rates for home care?

Thanks for your assistance!!