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Relocating to Hickory what should I know?

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Moving the family to Hickory and wanting to know where the best opportunity is for a nurse with 2 years experience is. 

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inthecosmos has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and works as a RN Progressive Care.

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As you can tell, there aren't likely many folks in these parts familiar with the area of Hickory. In Hickory, you have Catawba Valley Medical Center and Frye Regional. There is a large psych hospital (one of the largest in NC) called Broughton that is in Morganton, which is about 15-20 minutes west of Hickory. About 30 mins east, you will hit a place called Statesville. There are two small, rural hospitals named Iredell Memorial and Davis Regional. 

I can only speak on the pay at Iredell & Davis, which both are astronomically low for nurses compared to the hospitals in Winston and Charlotte. We are talking less than $23 an hour with piddly differentials. 

I have never worked at these facilities, but grew up an hour from Hickory and am well-versed in the surrounding areas.

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