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Relocating, deciding between jobs and shadowing

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So I had a phone interview for 2 different jobs in the same hospital both of them have no previous experience in (oncology unit and endoscopy). I applied for these jobs during my desperate times so I could leave my current job asap and move halfway across the country. I also know I don't want to work inpatient anymore and so I am genuinely interested in endoscopy. I can't tell how the interview went but endoscopy manager suggest I come in to shadow for a few hours since I have no experience in endoscopy (I agreed and will travel to go visit my bf  and shadow in said unit). Now oncology unit turned out to be inpatient and after talking to the manager I decided I really don't want to work there but I asked if I could shadow anyway (because at that time I was desperate and would like to keep it as a back up in case endoscopy doesn't work out).

I have another video interview lined up for a different hospital in a med-surg unit (I have 4 years med-surg experience and currently working in one). This is the hospital that I want to work in. I plan to get foot in the door and transfer to my "dream unit" once there's vacancy. 

I would appreciate some advice:

1) At this point I am somewhat torn because although I don't have any offers yet, I am still a little stressed out with getting a job asap and not really sure which one to actively purusue, (a) get foot in door via med-surg, or (b) go for endoscopy since its outpatient and I grown interested in the specialty. 

2) I have done more thinking and decided I don't want to work oncology. How do I decline IF offered the job? Or should I just let the recruiter know this and not waste anybody's time. 

3) How do I leave a good impression during shadow day in the endoscopy unit?? Anything I should pay particular attention to? Tips? Advice? Should I try to assist staff while shadowing? 

Thanks in advance


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Nurse SMS has 9 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development.

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I will answer your questions in the same order you posted them. These are, of course, only my opinion. 🙂

1.  If you are interested in endoscopy, I would pursue that over the med-surg position, since you already know you hate it. The hospitals are both unknowns, though you feel you have a preference. I would shop for a good work environment. Shadowing will help you get a feel for that.

2. If you aren't interested in the oncology position, simply withdraw your application. Some entities have a button on your profile to withdraw; others you may need to email or call. If there is any chance your application for endoscopy may accidentally get withdrawn (HR in my facility is notorious for this), then wait to do this. If they offer you the position, thank them for the consideration, say something nice about the team or people you met and then state that unfortunately you have chosen to go in a different direction. This isn't unusual so don't sweat it.

3. Leaving a good impression when shadowing is going to be all about building relationships. Be friendly, curious and helpful. Ask if you can get vitals for them or help with positioning. Ask pertinent questions about what you see and get opinions on the department and facility as a whole. Smile. Laugh. Be easy going.


Good luck!

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Lurkndmurk has 1 years experience as a LPN.

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why dont you try to find a travel nursing position to the area you want to go to? You can work as a travel nurse for about 3 months while you find a more permanent position. You can check out nursefly.com there are a lot of medsurg (if anything while you're trying to find something more long term,  youd at least have income for a while. its not simply medsurg, but a lot of travel jobs want experience so that would be your best bet) opportunities and you can find the area you want to go to. Just search for the position you want and click filter and you can search by location. maybe even just search the location for RN jobs

All you have to do is politely tell them you don't want the position. You don't have to go into detail about it but thank them for the opportunity at the very least.

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