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Relocating to Az from Ca

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Hi everyone,

I am finishing my BSN in California in two weeks and then relocating to Arizona. I'm currently trying to decide if I should get my license in CA and then apply for a license by endorsement in Arizona or get my license in Arizona directly. Does anyone have information on this? I don't know what the right choice is and what benefit it would be to get the CA license first...from the info I have found it looks like applying for the license by endorsement adds 8-10 weeks onto when I could start working. I've also found that I would have to maintain the CA license with the required education hours, which is not a problem. I just really have no idea what the benefits are of either option.


Thank you to anyone who has information.


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Not a nurse yet so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. But I would probably get licensed in AZ so I could start working sooner, as long as you will still be able to take the NCLEX within 2 months of graduating. If not, I would prioritize taking the NCLEX and becoming licensed and then apply for endorsement. 

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