Reinstate after 7 yrs expired??

by TallaB TallaB (New) New Nurse

I graduated RN diploma in 2004 and moved to the US. My Ontario license expired in 2013. I've been actively nursing in the US for the entire period, but I don't have my BSN. On the CNO website I can only find reinstating after 3 yrs. What happens when it's been longer? What's the process? And is a BSN required?


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A few years ago an acquaintance returned to nursing and had to obtain her BSN and do a refresher course. You have been practicing so you won’t likely have to do a refresher but you will need a BSN. Check with the college in the province you want to work in for the correct answer just to be sure. Starting point would be applying to the NNAS.

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The provincial College is the only one who can answer this one. The degree is required for all new grads.

They might grandfather you as your classmates are probably still working with their diplomas. I mean if you've been constantly working in the US, your skills should be up to date as should be your continuing education.