Rehab staffing model

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    I am trying to gather information on the following. We are developing a Model Unit
    Process for an Acute Rehabilitation Hospital and are trying to develop some norms.

    1. Description of your patient population.

    2. Number of beds.

    3. Nursing hours per patient day budget allocated and actual.

    4. What nursing staff is included in those hours? Titles and patient hours per title (RN, LPN, LNA).

    5. Average skill mix RN, LPN, LNA and any other titles you may have.

    6. How many LPN's and their role.

    7. How do RN's supervise LPN's?

    8. Do you have IV nurses or do nurses start their own?

    9. Do you have respiratory therapy on the units? If not how is that addressed?

    10. Do you have a charge nurse? If yes do they take an assignment?

    11. Do you have case managers? If yes how many patients do the follow per case manager?

    12. Are there any other nursing roles you currently have that are not listed above?

    13. Is your facility currently a magnet facility or seeking magnet status?

    14. Any other information about nursing coverage of patients that you use at your facilities would be welcome.
    IE: Use of med techs, rehab techs, non-licensed staff such as patient attendants (watch at risk patients for unsafe behavior and removal of tubes etc.)
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