REACH conference?

  1. I am fairly new to Rehab Nursing, only 7 months now. I am actually a Rehab Liaison and was wanting to join ARN and also possibly attend this year's REACH conference. Who has been and what can you tell me about it?

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  3. by   boogalina
    I just attended REACH 2017 in Seattle. You can expect to attend general sessions of interest to all rehab nurses, concurrent sessions on a variety of current topics, special interest groups (adminstrators, bedside nurses, gerontology, etc etc). Additionally, paper presentations and case study presentations are very good sources of information also. There are also vendor and poster exhibits to view as well. A very good conference, I just wish the posters had been available to view the first two full days of the conference (they shut it down after one day, which I guess was new this year). Posters and presentation outlines/slides are available online to download or print if you're a dinosaur like me (or view online if that's what you prefer). I thought it was very well-run, and got a great deal of new information and ideas to bring back to my unit.