PLEASE READ: Standards of Care for NR

  1. ok eveyone out there... everyone who is in rehab nursing.

    i am asking if anyone out there has a format ' standards of care' for the nursing rehab modalities.

    my facility has soc for adl's which can be adapted for nr, and it is probably along the lines of what we will do, but i want to be sure that i incorporate everything, and wanted to see if anyone out there has soc they can share.

    what is a soc?

    standards that can be used on a care plan so i dont have to write...
    every approach every time, when the approaches for encouragement, gentle approach, ensuring walker height, monotoring for xxxxx during program... and they dont change, no matter what the diagnosis is. they are the itmes that are general to the program, not the specifics.

    this way i can write on the care plan,
    follow standards of care for toileting program.
    and then write the residents specifics.

    ty all....

    sometimes god turns on the sitcomnurse channel. its like comedy central for her.

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