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  1. I am going to school and although I am just becoming an RN I am looking at specializing in a specific area. One area that I am looking at is Rehab Nursing. I wanted to find out what were the advantages and disadvantages of the feild. And who do you usually work along with.
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  3. by   jekoba
    The advantage of Rehab nursing is that you get to really see what a difference that you can make in a person's (or family's) life. We keep people anywhere from 24 hours to 8 weeks. That's a lot of time spent teaching and helping.
    The disadvantage is that Medicare is cutting costs all of the time and so the people that we are getting are sicker and able to stay less time. This means more stuff crammed into a time when families and patients are still trying to take everything in.
    I hope this helps in some small way. Let me know.