Heavy work loads

  1. I am new to this site and just been reading through several posts. Was not sure wactually where to read through in the beginning realy as far as specialties go. I am an RN trained i New Zealnd ( however i am Amaerican ) but now work in Switzerland at the Swiss Paraplegic Hospital. We specialies in spinal cord injuries but recieve patients with MS , ADLS, Guilliem Bar and ever cancer patients who's cancer has affected their spinal cord. We also have returning sci patients for urologie surgeries, hand and should surgies as well as various fractures and respiratory problems. Basically and sci patient that has any other medical or surgical problem gets sent to us from all over Switzerland. Our ward has 30 beds and the majority of nurses are RN with a few LPN and per shift 2 nursing assitants. What surprises me so much is the work load the US nurses are required to carry. Ie 6-7patients! Wow! Our early shift has at most 4 patients and these would be relatively easy. If there is a patient on a vent that nurse would like.y only have one additional patient. The afternoon shift their are 3 nurses or possibly 2 nurses and one assistent per 14 patients. Your nurse patient rations are so different from ours. Amazong!
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