Crrn Exam

  1. Could you suggest any study guides and/or review courses for the upcoming crrn exam?
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  3. by   lisasmom
    I also would like any information about this exam. Thank-you
  4. by   CRRN7878
    I got an exam prep course on I thought the course was very helpful in passing the exam, and even though I studied alot, the exam prep helped keep me focused on the areas I didn't have as much experience in.
    Then, after passing, that same site -- offers over 400 hours of continuing ed courses that are approved for CRRNs. What a find!
  5. by   aquiniangrad92
    HI, I would like to appeal to those CRRN that have a used review book or CD that willing to sell it. Im trying to study now for the exam even though it still a long way (i will take it next year ). THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!