1. I am preparing for the CRRN (Certified Registered Rehab Nurse) exam and have recently purchased the "Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing" 7th edition from the ARN (Association of Rehabilitation Nurses) website.

    For those who have recently taken the exam and passed; is this book sufficient or are there other resources that I should supplement? And how is the exam question style and exam overall?

    Thank you
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  3. by   seattle17
    I will answer my own question since I just recently took the test and hopefully this will help someone else if needed as well.

    I used the "Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing" 7th edition book from the ARN website for content review and used the "CRRN Exam Practice Questions" from Mometrix for question review. This book contained a total of 300 practice questions.

    I believe these two resources were sufficient for passing the exam; the content review book being a little more in depth than needed for the exam actually.

    Hope this helps
  4. by   AllenTheNurse
    Thank you!