bowel program

  1. hey,please share your successful techniques in bowel programs..thanks!
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  3. by   mom and nurse
    At our facility we use the 3 - 2 - 1. Colace 3 times a day. Two senna (senokot) at bedtime (or one senna in the morning and one senna in the evening), one suppository around 6pm, with dig stim (sometimes every 15 minutes for about an hour)....

    Don't know if this is what you are looking for....
  4. by   mel1977
    Depends on the patient. SCI and TBI are totally different, as are strokes. Plus, level of injury of the SCI. (reflex arc)
    Common med: 100mg Colace BID many times, senna 1-2 daily/am. Bisacodyl suppos/mini enema no dig on TBI and SCI w/sensation. Mini Enema/Suppos for SCI w/dig if needed. Up on commode or left side for best elimination.
    Other meds:
    Lactulose/mirilax, Milk of Mag, bisacodyl/dulcolax tabs. Prune juice too
  5. by   RedWeasel
    dig stim very important. Also when doing bisacodyl supps dont use lubricant if you don't need to. I did the first year when a seasoned nurse said it takes longer to work and reduces efficacy. She was right. I used to have to do Dig stim on one 3 times now just once/