Admission Assessment - calling all rehab nurses

  1. Does anyone know of a really good rehab nursing admission assessment? I am looking for something that captures the patients current health status, level of function, and really showcases the skill and expertise of our colleagues. Why? Because Rehab Nurses Rock!!!!

    Someone must be proud of their assessments
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  3. by   thea.circo
    Have you been helped with this?
  4. by   <3RehabRN
    Our unit has an "admission cheat sheet" that a nurse on the unit made a few years back. It consists of 3 pages of questions and assessment cues so that we can take this into the room with us instead of a computer. Its more personal and professional in my opinion. I'd get some nurses together and get a good idea of all the types of assessments and questions you all ask and require. Type up a sheet and keep copies at the nursing station so admissions will be more consistent between all nurses. Good luck!