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Rehab LPN, Transitioning to Med /Surg



I'm an LPN who has been a working since Jan 2015. Most of my work experience has been in post acute care, basically the rehabilitation side of the SNF. Besides rehab, I've done alot of hospice work and those sporadic healthcare events that pop up around town. One of the agencies I work for (I PRN everywhere due to home situation & having to make my own schedule of availability) always gets good feedback on me in facilities and I'm their "go to" LPN for last minute work, so they want to present me to a hospital for a contracted PRN, Med/surg position here at the local hospital... But they want me to send them an updated resume.

My question is... With mostly rehabilitation and hospice work under my belt, what do you suggest I put on my resume to sway employers to consider me for a med/surg position, even though I have no actual med/surg experience???

Thanks In Advance