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Registration to practice

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by Mistertyson Mistertyson (New) New Nurse

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I submitted a report from my psychiatrist stating that I previously overdosed on illicit drugs. Diagnosed with BPD and had an altercation with my ex partner which almost resulted in a dvo. All of this is very personal and I'm just not sure if I will get my registration back. I was suicidal but I have done no harm to any patients. Rest assure, I am linked in to support systems like my psychiatrist and my psychologist. I had de registered myself early 2019 due to a drug overdose so I have been registered before. I just want some reassurance that I will be able to practice again but I'm feeling a bit hesitant because of what's written about me in the report. Has anyone had a similar experience? I know I've done the right thing by disclosing my impairments. I have contacted AHPRA the board of nursing but they haven't given me a status on it, it has been 5 months now. 

Your responses won't hurt me. Any response will be greatly appreciated. I just want to know your opinions and or experiences with AHPRA registration.

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