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registering for the nclex question

by evonne85 evonne85 (New) New

Hi all! Quick question for those of you who have registered on pearson's website for the NCLEX---can you go ahead and register and pay and all before the BON has approved your application? If so is there any advantage to that (ie when they recieve the BON's approval does it help you get your ATT earlier?)

I am just so new to this all and my nursing school is very vague about the whole NCLEX/getting a license issue.


hi! u need to wait for ur eligibility (approval from BON) ...coz if u register to pearson now they still going to ask the BON if u are already eligible to take the exam...just wait until u receive your eligibility from BON then register to pearson.. hope this helps

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Depends on where you trained, if in the US and the BON is in the same state that you trained then usually no issues. If trained overseas then better to wait for the OK from BON before registering

Also remember you are not registering for NCLEX but to be licensed of which NCLEX is part of that process

Good luck

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