Would you go for a no-name university?

  1. There are so many universities out there now. I am an ADN and really want to eventually have a DNP. my only experience is 6 months of LTC, that's a minus right there.
    Should I go for a no-name BSN at least? getting into MSN programs will be hard I think, I would need an impressive CV for that....right?
    Any suggestions, personal experience? thanks!
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  3. by   elkpark
    I got into a very well-known and well-respected graduate program with a BSN from a "no-name" state university -- as long as it is a legitimate, appropriately accredited college/uni, and not some "diploma mill" school, graduate programs are going to be more interested in your personal performance (GPA, GRE), qualifications, and attributes than the name of the school you attended.
  4. by   Murse281
    I would make sure they are at least accredited and all courses would transfer to a better school if you ever chose to go that route.
  5. by   MedChica
    For a bachelor's? Yeah.
    So long as it's accredited, uses a standard grading scale and CHEAP? I don't care how 'known' it is.
    I feel this way about all undergrad degrees. Not just BSNs,

    Post-grad, on the other hand...that's different.
    I'd be shooting for the top.