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    I recently posted about being unsure which degree I wanted to pursue, and I decided that I want to get my BSN after completing my current Bachelor's. Because I won't have any pre-reqs completed, I am a bit limited, but there are still a ton of schools available. Now I'm having trouble knowing how to select schools or compare them! Any information about the following schools would be appreciated! I've included some of the information that I've found through my own research.

    (the first number is the school's rank on the USNews list of top nursing programs, then accreditation, then NCLEX pass rate)

    Georgetown U - 36; CCNE; ~100%

    New York U - 21; CCNE; 91.6%%

    Boston College - 21; CCNE; 95%

    Villanova - 64; CCNE; 92.3%

    Northeastern - 99; CCNE; 93%

    Marymount - 193; CCNE, NLNAC; 100%

    U New England - 48; NLNAC; ~90%

    U Mass Boston - 50; CCNE; 88%

    U at Buffalo - 79; CCNE; 86.2%

    Some background knowledge about my current academics: I will graduate from the University of Florida with ~3.2 gpa, I failed chemistry in my freshman year due to certain circumstances (I would definitely pass in nursing school, but the schools won't know that when looking at my application, unfortunately), I don't have a lot of extracurricular activities, but I spent lot of time with the ones I have and they are all volunteer work, and my upper division gpa is 3.6+.

    I know this is a lot of information, but I was trying to provide as much as possible in case anyone can help me out

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