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  1. Edit to add*** the reason I'm really considering this is. Because the PN evening program is part time (21 months) the RN program is (24 months) I wouldnt be contemplating if the program was 12 months. Also I started this program in September 2017

    Someone tell me I'm being crazy or impatient. I'm going to talk to my admissions counselor on Monday. I'm in the PN evening program currently quarter 2 and won't graduate until June 2019 and I planned to bridge right after. I was going to switch to the day PN program so I could graduate in December but now I'm not thinking it's a good idea because my daughter(8 months old) and the day pn program is mon-fri 8-5. my husband works during the day so we don't have reliable support if she gets sick and has to leave daycare. Also I plan on working atleast 20hrs a week.
    It's been HEAVY on my mind to just stop the PN program and start the RN program in March or July ( I have to pay my old college to get my transcripts, so that's why the later date possibly). Am I crazy? Has anyone done this? Any advice on what you would do in this situation?
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