RN (diploma) to BSN

  1. I am having a tough time choosing a school. I have been rejected by a few because they do not accept my nursing school credits because it is a diploma of nursing.
    I noticed that Mount Olive will take my credits and offers a degree online, but they are not yet accredited. What is my risk with going to a school in it's first term?
    Anyone else out there that was in the same boat that found a good school that IS recognized by the NLN ?
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  3. by   2RNornot2RN
    Look into Grand Canyon University When I graduated in 2009, my ADN program wasn't accredited. We had a recruiter from their school come visit us and they guaranteed all of our credits. I still haven't gone through their program (I think it's a bit pricey) but I know several people currently in their online BSN program that are very happy.