1. Hey guys! I was just wondering if you have to be a working RN to go to an RN-BSN program? Can you go for RN-BSN without any experience?
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  3. by   FLmomof5
    That depends upon the school. Some require it. Some don't.
  4. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Sure you can.

    A BSN is simply a college degree and degrees don't require professional experience.
  5. by   SANART11
    Oh ok, thanks. I was wondering because if i do get to finish the adn program im in and get my RN, I wanted to get my bsn right away. Thx once again
  6. by   adrienne <3
    I know that UOP requires one year of experience. I am just signing up for Chamberlain I don't know what the cost out of pocket will be...little scary!!
  7. by   gaylebco
    at my traditional school you can start your BSN classes before you graduate from the ADN program. Any additioanl pre req's and a few of the extra classes needed then when you graduate you can start the nursing classes right away!
  8. by   superdave
    Good to hear. I was considering UOP but I guess I will focus my efforts elsewhere.