LVN at American Career College or ADN at Career Network Institute?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm presented with two options right now. I ultimately want to at least have a BSN and have dreams of getting my MSNs though. I'm a bit torn between the two options that I have.

    1. LVN program at American Career College at about 26k total. Can bridge with LVN to RN to MSN programs all over southern California and online. Bridge programs range anywhere from 18k to 119k to a BSN.But here I can at least get a MSN later.

    2. ADN program at Career Network Institute at about 72k. They have a BSN bridge at about 15k. My concern with this is that they are NOT ACEN or CCNE accredited and have pending WASC accreditation. So from what I understand, the highest degree I can get from CNI is a BSN ending with 85k.

    My question is... which one would you go for?
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    Apply to state community colleges or universities.