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  1. I accepted my first job offer last Thurday and on my list it was the 2nd area I would have wanted to work in. Well today I received a call from the mother/baby floor at a local hospital and I am going to interview. If I start the new job in two weeks and then get offered the mother baby job, I would like the mother/baby as its my #1 choice. How to go about leaving a job I just started makes me nervous. any thoughts?
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  3. by   kerrynurse
    I would not burn a bridge. You never know if you may need that facility later in your nursing career. Either wait for the first choice of go with the first opportunity.
  4. by   athena55
    I totally agree with KerryNurse on this.
    How would you feel if you spent two plus weeks orientating someone to a position and then they tell you they are leaving for another job, one that they really wanted but they took this one hoping that the other place would call?
    That would be a NO-GO.