Is it easier to get accepted if you went lpn-bsn?...

  1. Is it easier to get accepted if you went the route of lpn-bsn?
    or just do the whole prelicensure-bsn?
    or RN-Bsn?

    Which would have a higher acceptance rate of the 3 routes of getting a BSN?
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  3. by   GonnaBSN
    Good question! I can't speak to all programs, but I have a girlfriend who is taking the LPN-bridge-ADN route. She said that once she's finished with the LPN, she will have to re-apply for the RN, but if accepted, she will be placed in the 2nd (of 2) year of the program.

    Around Kansas, the tendency is for school to be very objective in their criteria for evaluating candidates. Many have a points system - and I have yet to see specifically if the LPN is given points, but what I have seen is "healthcare experience". Other schools have written essays ("interviews") where they invite you to talk about your healthcare experience.

    My advisor tells me that she has many students apply to all levels of programs, so if they get accepted to many, they pick their preference. This is my strategy, including very select LPN programs.

    Good luck!
  4. by   ventiicelatte
    Thanks jamiejam! Good luck to you and your girlfriend!