I passed the NCLEX-RN-- now what?

  1. So I passed the NCLEX-RN on my second attempt less than a week ago and I have my license number. I DID IT! Woo-hoo!

    So now I'm on the hunt for a job as a BSN, RN. But honestly I'm pretty anxious about the whole thing!

    I haven't done any medical work for nearly 5 months and I feel out of practice if that makes any sense. Worse still, most of my clinical experiences and internships were at the VA. I loved being at the VA for a multitude of reasons, but I need a job NOW so I'm applying everywhere.

    I'm just worried that once I get hired some place that I'll just be thrown to the wolves and be expected to be as competent as an experienced RN. I feel like I need to build up my confidence as well as get used to working in possibly a new clinical environment.

    Will I be mentored or anything once I get hired at a new hospital? Shown the ropes so to speak?

    Thanks for any input/advice.
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  3. by   LoveNeverDies
    You will have some type of orientation, depending on where and what you're doing will determine the length of this orientation. If you feel like you are being "thrown to the wolves" speak with the director about a more through orientation or preceptor switch.